What Is A Nebulizer Machine And How To Buy The Best One?

What Is A Nebulizer Machine And How To Buy The Best One?

One of the things that every asthmatic knows and understands is that breathing is not easy at times. In addition to medication, there are a few things that can help you breathe properly. Something like that is; Nebulizer respiratory therapy. For those who have severe asthma or are children who cannot use metered dose inhalers, a nebulizer can be very effective. These nebulizers are a machine that turns medication into mist so that the patient can inhale the mist directly. These machines come in a variety of sizes but are mostly portable. They are battery operated or electric versions.

How a nebulizer works

Nebulizers are used for both prevention and treatment of attacks. This machine can be used for both rescue and maintenance. Doctors tend to tell you what drugs are needed and what strength they should be given in the nebulizer vial.

The main operation of the atomizer is based on the air compressor. The compressor turns the liquid medicine stored in the small container into mist. The tube then delivers the mist into the nasal mask, which can be inhaled. The mist is easy to breathe in compared to using an inhaler. Because the airways narrow in asthma, it is difficult to inhale and breathe deeply. However, the mist is easier to breathe and the medicine is administered correctly.

Types of atomizers

There are several types of atomizers to consider when purchasing a machine. These machines are divided into different categories:

Depending on the size and style of the atomizers:

1.Desktop nebulizers - These nebulizers are larger and require a tabletop or stable surface to maintain. They're good for babies and children because of their stationary style. They are also cheaper than the portable versions.
Portable nebulizers: They are smaller and offer more mobility in operation. They work with batteries or automatic adapters. They're also more expensive than the tabletop versions.
2.Based on the working mechanism:

1.Aerosol nebulizer: Use a piston air compressor to force air through the medicine. Break the liquid into the mist. However, these machines can be noisy.
2.Ultrasonic Nebulizers - These nebulizers use high frequency sound waves to convert liquid medication into mist. There are very efficient and less noisy ones.

Nebulizer purchase

When choosing an atomizer, the following points should be considered:

.Usage: You need to be clear about how to use the atomizer. We can accept doctors' suggestion to know better.
.Storage - Decide where to store and store the atomizer as atomizers tend to be different in size.
.Effectiveness: Some nebulizers are intended for asthma and others for other respiratory diseases. It is better to clarify before buying.
.Cost: The price of atomizers usually depends on the mechanism, size, and portability.
.Cleaning: Always check how the atomizers can be cleaned, and if possible, to facilitate maintenance.
.Renewals - Check what needs to change and how long the component needs to be renewed.

Published on: 11/18/23, 12:07 AM